Overwatch 2 Season 9: Champions require a lot of free space to download

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Overwatch 2 about to get his Season 9 is titled Championsbut requires a significant amount of time to download and install. Free space on SSDAs community manager Kaedi reported on the official forum.

You’ll need it to download and install the update that will mark the start of Season 9 38GB It’s free space, which isn’t a huge amount on its own, but when you look at it in the context of a single update.

As the community manager explained, if there are problems finding free space, uninstall and reinstall the game After the patch is released, the full version will be released, which will also include the update.

Lots of new things coming

Overwatch 2 is preparing for the arrival of many new features

It seems that this way there will be the possibility of saving something thanks to better space optimization, which will compress the game files a little.

As we see, Season 9 will bring a lot innovation Interesting in Overwatch 2, including various changes to gameplay, balance and progression, such as the possibility of self-healing for all characters, a new rank calculation system and much more.

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