Overwatch 2: Bobby Kotick boycotts the game’s launch on Steam for a former developer

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Overwatch 2’s launch on Steam was boycotted by then-president of Activision Blizzard, Bobby Kotick, who had just resigned from his position. As his more than thirty-year reign comes to an end, the first stories emerge about the way he ran things. Needless to say, he didn’t have the most flattering things to say towards whoever decided to speak up.


Kotick was not well liked

The first talked about how Overwatch 2’s launch on Steam was handled Action Blizzard King Andy Belford has a post

“I break my silence to tell you a fun fact: lunch For Overwatch 2, my team on Steam warned me months in advance that we would be inundated with negative reviews. “We prayed for more information, more details, more resources to prevent what happened, but everything was rejected.”

Belford then went on to go into more detail. “There moderation While I refuse to subject my team to this flood of toxic posts and content, the use of Steam is entrusted to the community team. When we asked who decided to launch the game on Steam without any support, the answer was: Bobby.”

Developer's story
Developer’s story

“This is just an example culture What Kotick has developed at Activision Blizzard: the dirt trickles downward, often landing on the lowest-paid, hardest-working people. “Management was too busy reacting to extremely weak orders and ridiculous decisions.”

“Meanwhile, the experience of players and workers meant nothing to white-collar workers and managers. It was all about quarterly earnings reports,” Belford concluded.

Managers making stupid decisions that are really the employees’ responsibility, lack of help launching a high-end game like Overwatch 2 on Steam, and managers who only care about money. Let’s say that the picture Belford paints is not very idyllic for Kotick and his men. Of course, it must be said that this is his version of events and should therefore be treated as such.

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