Outcast: A New Beginning’s release date was announced by THQ Nordic

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Outcast: A New Beginning there is one release date The picture announced by THQ Scandinavian and by the Appeal development team: the game will be available on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series

We sampled Outcast: A New Beginning for a few hours and talked to the producers, who gave us a pretty clear picture of what the sequel wants to be: a large sandbox with remarkable verticality.

Using a comfortable jetpack, we will be able to explore the alien world of Adelpha, reach the highest points of the map and launch ourselves into the void and then open a door. high tech wingsuit and float down into the valley while admiring the thought-provoking landscapes and different biomes.

And then there’s the fight

A conflict in Outcast: A New Beginning

Outcast: A New Beginning, which has a very traditional open world structure. battle system It has great potential, allowing you to modify various existing weapons by adding extra features and alternative fire modes.

So we’re only a few months away from the return of Cutter Slade, which pays homage to the atmosphere of the ’90s and one of the first open worlds ever made.

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