Naughty Dog developer explains how he was fired after eighteen years at the company

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Santiago Gutierrez worked as a graphic designer inside naughty dog for eighteen years before becoming lay off Recently, the company has been asked to restructure without any warning. sony. After reflecting on what happened for two days, he took to LinkedIn to describe how he experienced it and, above all, how badly he was treated despite the many sacrifices made.

“After two days, I found the strength to write a few words. Believe me, I tried at least a hundred times… You look at your children and wonder, ‘Did I do something wrong?’ “It’s not easy when you think about it.” That’s how it started GutierrezHe said that he started his adventure at Naughty Dog about 18 years ago and said that he devoted almost his life to “raising and overcoming the bar in every game we make” with his colleagues, friends, conversations and very long hours of work. Counting the countless challenges and victories.” All of this fell apart overnight: “I left a void that no farewell email could fill… yes, my heart was shattered.”

A dramatic story

Games are played by people

Gutierrez’s story goes on to describe the emotions he felt now that Naughty Dog was no longer his workplace: “The sadness of the past two days since I was fired was not the loss of a job, but rather the loss of a purpose, a community, a team that I loved from the bottom of my heart.” .”

The story here gets even sadder because Gutierrez says he wasn’t even allowed to say goodbye in person: “What harm could I possibly have done to me after 18 years?”

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In short, not only was he fired, but the company’s doors were completely closed to him; This is quite normal behavior in such situations; but this should make us think about what an employee really is. multinational.

Now Gutierrez, like many of his colleagues, is looking for a new job in an increasingly crowded market full of talent with nowhere to fit.

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