Movie November 2023: A great journey of emotions

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Movie November 2023

We are here with our regular appointment More interesting movies will be released in November 2023. Of course, don’t forget to take a look at the articles on the subject. Video gamesAnd TV series next month!

What happens if your emotions are suppressed by something? hurricane? Four poor souls trying to overcome one relentless storm We are now looking for salvation in a world where violence has replaced love. Governing Elisa Miller,Mexican director wins award Palme d’Orand adapted from a novel Fernanda Melchor, hurricane seasonIt looks like it will be a very interesting movie.

in this romantic thriller We witness the violent relationship between the unhappy bride Lina and her rich, cold mother-in-law : This relationship will soon turn into a toxic and wrong love triangle. Unfortunately, Lina finds herself in the middle of a murder and will have to carefully choose who to trust in order to illegally get out of this situation.

Being a professional thief can be tiring, or at least that’s what he thinks -Carole: After many years of activity, the woman decided to retire. His latest work promises to be seemingly simple with his partner in crime Alex and a novice driver Sam. But unfortunately the situation worsens and the three of them get into trouble.

Quiz Lady – November 3 (Disney)+)

We will follow the adventure of two sisters who are estranged from each other. debt They will have to put everything into one about their recently deceased mother television show. Can our chaotic heroes win the race? Game shows?

Quotes – November 3 (Apple TV+)

Do you think you really love your partner? The new lie detector will be able to give you the answers you are looking for. Although the results are overwhelmingly positive Anna and Ryan He doesn’t know whether to blindly trust this controversial machine and lets himself drown in it. suspicion. arrival Order,A co-worker will turn your life upside down.

Sly – November 3 (Netflix)

for over 50 years Sylvester Stallone He gave life to legendary characters of his caliber Cliff And Rambo, entertains billions of people. Thanks to this documentary, we will be able to trace the actor’s entire career by discovering his hidden sides.

Two worlds collide in an idyllic German tourist town: a group Dutch and their eccentric leaders Xennt They aim to conquer a large refuge BE BORN. Xennt He keeps making promises, but his real intentions remain a secret.

Wonders – November 8

Carol Denver’s,Kamala Khan And Monica Rambeauthey are the main heroes of the work wondersA superhero movie with a lighter note: three heroes with supernatural powers discover that they are interconnected and must work together to maintain their powers.

Thanksgiving – November 16

black friday turns into tragedy: mysterious join targeted the castle plymouth, Massachusetts, the birthplace of the holiday. If no one does anything, there may be no one left alive.

The prequel to the very famous epic, whose gross revenue exceeded 3 billion dollars. HUNGER GAMES: The Song of the Nightingale and the Serpent tells the story of the oppressor president of Salem, Coriolanus Snow, Before I turned 18. Coriolanus, the last hope of his declining dynasty, is entrusted as his mentor. Lucy Gray Baird A girl from district 12. Snow He understands that he can exploit personality related to Lucy in his favor, they both will join forces to survive and decide who he will be Nightingale And snake.

Leo – November 21 (Netflix)

A. lizzard 74 year old name Lion He is tired of being locked up and decides to escape his cage to start living for real. Leo can talk and is accepted by curious primary school children: He will succeed Lion To find the peace and freedom you dream of?

Napoleon – November 23 (Apple TV+)

Inside Napoleon We will relive the story of the great emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, From his rise to his fall, including his tumultuous relationship with Josephine, his one true love. Among the political and military strategies, the film will show: The most realistic fight scenes ever made.

Maestro – November 22 (Netflix)

Expert tells the exciting love story between celebrities Leonard Bernstein One of the most important composers and conductors in American history and Felicia Montealegre. This movie is ready to express all his love for her. family and art.

Dilek – 22 November (America)

occasion Disney’s centennialhe came Wishplot of an animated movie Rosalar, a paradise peninsula Asha, A local girl expresses an important wish. The Star, a small sphere of stellar energy, wants to grant this wish: Baton And Star will have to face Magnificent King and prove that you’re great will and courage your daughter.

Saltburn – 24 November (Prime Video)

Oliver Fast He cannot get used to university life and continues to be fascinated by the city’s aristocratic world. Felix Catton. Oliver is invited to stay at Felix’s house salt burn, where he will spend the summer with his eccentric family. The story will soon turn into a struggle between privilege and desire.

Post Film November 2023: A grand tour de force of emotions has appeared for the first time in VIGAMUS Magazine – The Magazine, which covers the world of Video Games.

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