Movie January 2024: First of the year

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There’s no better way to start the new year than by checking out the new movies coming out. January 2024. Don’t forget to check this out too Video games And TV series next month always up VMAG. Happy New Year to all!

Bitconned – January 1 (Netflix)

The explosion in 2017 cryptocurrencies reaches its highest peak and a boy named Ray Trapani He decides to use this market for his personal interests. His ability to make money will be due to luck or people’s stupidity. millions of dollars They sell non-existent bitcoins every day. Can he continue this scam or will he get caught? bit linked will be available on netflix From January 1st.

Night Swim – January 5

It is adapted from the acclaimed short film in 2014. Rod Blackhurst And Bryce McGuire, The movie puts us in his shoes. Ray Waller, A. former baseball player A person who retires due to illness. The athlete decides to move with his family consisting of his wife Evehis young daughter Izzy and his little son ElliotI hope to recover. The new house has something special swimming pool, It’s fun for the kids and helps with Ray’s rehabilitation. However, the waters hide a dark danger.

He Went That Way – January 5

It is based on a true story, This thriller movie directed by Jeffrey Darling tells us his story Jim Goodwin, An animal farmer hitchhiking home accompanied by his chimpanzee friend. However, the generous driver who offers to accompany them turns out to be the famous murderer. Larry Lee Ranes.

Role Play – January 12 (Prime Video)

Emma, The mother of a family with two wonderful children and a very kind husband lives peacefully on the outskirts of the city. New Jersey. The woman is hiding a big secret that she cannot reveal to anyone, especially her husband. David: this is a powerful and terrifying assassin. After a spicy episode Role play the latter finds out about this and has to figure out how to help his wife in her time of crisis.

Bad Girls – January 12

Mean Girls, It will be a remake of a famous comedy re-offer The original movie, released in 2004, will be about the girl. Cady Heron, I just moved from Africa. Confused, she must confront American high school life while going up against the popular girls known as “”.Barbie“.

Founders’ Day – January 19

Founders’ Day this is a classic cutter old style that takes us to a small castle shaken by a tremor a series of violent murders It stems from the overheated mayoral election. Who will be the masked killer?

Sixty Minutes – January 19 (Netflix)

mixed martial arts fighter decide on leaving an important meeting to go on your daughter’s birthday to maintain custody. Among the many difficulties he will have to overcome, there is one that is extremely difficult: Cross all of Berlin in 60 minutes to reach it.

Underdoggs – January 26 (Amazon)

famous rapper Snoop Dogg will comment Jaycen Jennings, Far from his glory days, a professional American football player is forced to take up coaching. youth football team. Thanks to your men, jaycen will be able to find new meaning in life by overcoming personal regrets and disappointments.

Jackdaw – January 26

In this thriller motocross champion and war veteran finds himself in control of himself Little brother: Having no money, the boy decides to start a dubious business. Smuggled package was caught in the North Sea.

Badland Hunters – January 26 (Netflix)

Wasteland Hunters A Korean movie that tells the story of a group. head hunters dedicated to hunting one of the most dangerous criminals From the Wasteland. Directing the movie Heo Myung-haeng and features players of his caliber Ma Dong-seok, Lee Hee-joon, Lee Jun-young And Roh Jeong-eui. The movie does not have a trailer yet!

Wil – January 31

Wilfried Wils There is a curse of having to work auxiliary police during Nazi occupation of your beloved Belgian city Antwerp, In the middle of World War II.

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