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As always, we too VMAG We present to you the list of the best movies of February. Don’t miss articles about Video games And TV series.

Promised Land – February 2

This movie tells the story of a humble soldier Ludwig Kahlen in which 1755step on desolate wasteland of Jutlandacted upon the king’s request cultivating the soil And to secure wealth and honor. But he soon finds himself at odds with her. ruthless landowner Frederik De Schinkel A person who sees himself as the undisputed ruler of the region and refuses to recognize the king’s authority.

Orion and the Darkness – February 2

Orion and Darkness It talks about the lovely relationship between them. hero and more big fearMore from heights and animals: darkness. monster This thing, which embodies his greatest fear, will help him face a problem. night trip To show this to the young man The only thing to fear is fear itself.

Ashes – February 9

From a fascinating fantasy to a dangerous relationshipThe existence of a rich married woman becomes hopelessly complicated when she meets a woman. unpublished novel. The story revolves around the carpenter Metin Ali there Gokcewife of the publishing house owner. Gokce becomes fully involved in the world created in its pages book While trying to establish a connection with the carpenter, he meets him by chance and his life undergoes a profound transformation. Ashes will emerge netflix On February 9, 2024.

Marmalade – February 9

After a daring robbery gone wrong, Baron locked in prison where he met Otisher cellmateWho does he start telling? girlfriend Marmaladehe Failed accomplice. Thanks to his talent escape wizard, Otis decide on Escape with the baron And Bringing two engaged couples together again.

Love, Stalker, Killer – February 9

Dave He had recently gotten out of a long-term relationship and wanted restart your love life and decides to throw himself online appointment. Liz and Dear, The two most promising pieces of information are, They help him come out of his shell in different ways: His adventure soon turns from an opportunity to enjoy a second chance to an ordinary romance. A twisted love triangle that reveals Dave and everyone he cared about were at risk.

Five Blind Dates – February 13

twenty year old Leah blocked. In front Chinese traditional tea shop failure heritage from his beloved grandmother and your hope attending her little sister’s upcoming wedding aloneLia reluctantly takes one prophecy: The fate of his shop and his love life are intertwined. And the secret lies in one of their next five dates.

Under family pressure, Leah accepted for will be accompanied by five different suitors. With the help of your best friend Mason, Leah I will try find yourself and love He risks disappointing those he loves most and losing the job in which he has invested his life.

Bob Marley: One Love – February 14

Bob Marley: A Love A cinematic tribute to the life and music of an icon who touched hearts around the world with his message of love and unity. Thanks to this documentary, it will be possible to discover: The gripping story of Bob Marley’s triumph over the odds and the roots of his transformative music.

First Adam – February 14

fourteen year old man Find a letter listing a set of names and addresses and decides go on a journey This will take her across the country to meet a series of men. they could be his father.

Madame Web – February 16

Together gender change Compared to the usual narrative, Madame Web tells the story of its origins One of Marvel’s most mysterious heroes. income exists as the hero dakota johnson in the role Cassandra Webba paramedic Manhattan A person who may have clairvoyant abilities. forced confronting the truth about his pastestablishes Relationship with three young women with a strong futureHowever Only if they can survive a deadly gift.

Red Right Hand – February 23

This is a Action movie between 2024 governing Ian And Eshom Nelms with the participation Orlando Bloom, Andie MacDowell, Garrett Dillahunt And Brian Geraghty. That’s what the story is about advancejust a man with desire living an honest and peaceful lifeincoming He was forced by the Big Cat to return to his old vices. advancebut still proves itself He is capable of doing anything to protect the city and his only remaining family..

Spaceman – February 23

Spaceman tells his story Jakub Prohazka, A man who was orphaned in his childhood and was raised by his grandparents in the countryside Czech Republic. Jacob He has been a great science enthusiast since his childhood and dream is this To go, One day, In the space. became one astrophysicistyou have jakub the possibility of finally fulfilling his great desire but this will lead to question your whole life.

Monster – February 28

Inside dystopian near future Considering that emotions are dangerous, Gabrielle purify your DNA using a device takes him into his past lives for the purpose of destroy the most intense emotions. In this process he meets LouisA child with whom he shared an inexplicable bond, as if their souls had always been intertwined. The story takes place in three different important years: 1910, 2014 and 2044.

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