Mother 3: Demand for official translation grows, author tells to contact Nintendo

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With the announcement of your arrival mother 3 Open Nintendo Switch Fans of the game in Japan were reignited and hoped to see the game officially translated into a Western language sooner or later.

Mother 3’s original writer, Shigesato Itoi, told him to contact Nintendo about the issue as he could not do anything due to pressure from fans. More importantly, he said, “Please address Nintendo on this, not me.” In response to a fan who posted X’s list of US gaming trends, the game is ranked third.

The Nintendo Switch version of the historic Japanese role-playing game was announced at yesterday’s Nintendo Direct, but Western fans were repeatedly disappointed.

It should be said that the Game Boy Advance version of the game already has excellent amateur translations even into Italian, and you can find more information about it. Here. Unfortunately using them on original hardware is quite complicated (via emulation this is very easy, but considering you can find roms with translations already installed).

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