Mother 3 added to Nintendo Switch Online in Japan

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In a now ironic move, Nintendo decided to release: mother 3 Open Nintendo Switch Onlinebut of course only about that Japanese department confirms the impossibility of seeing the subscription service in the official version in the West.

The history of the English version of Mother 3 (not to mention other practically impossible localizations) now goes back decades: the game was first released on the Game Boy Advance in 2006 and became a game like other parts of the series. although its cult title has paradoxically never reached an easily understandable language in the West either.

Although there were no outpourings of affection for the series from fans and the issue was brought to the attention of some executives, Nintendo never showed interest in porting the game outside of Japan or translating the texts. last years.

Mother 3 remains one of the GBA’s biggest cult games

By the way, some amateur initiatives have proposed handmade traditions from the community, but obviously so far there is nothing official and affordable on the market in a standard way. Now, as if to underscore the impossibility of seeing it in the West, there’s also this version dedicated solely to the Japanese portion of the Nintendo Switch Online service.

On the other hand, even the first episode, Mother, which was released on Famicom in 1989, only reached our region in 2015 under the name EarthBound Beginnings, while the second episode is very well known in the West under the name EarthBound. Considering more than 25 years have passed since the second part, there is still time to think about the third part coming in the future.

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