Minecraft: Mod support now available on all platforms for the first time

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Mojang added: mod support with all versions related to minecraft, the first ones are already available for download. As you know, Minecraft has two versions: the Bedrock Edition, which is universal, and the Java Edition, which can only be played on Windows, Linux and Mac and is kept because it is particularly loved by modders.

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With the new update, the distance between the two versions in terms of moddability has been greatly reduced. Mojang has actually announced official support for mods in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition across all platforms. Yes, even on consoles. Mods will be available as follows: additions, created by the official partners and creators of the game. Mojang will monitor the quality and security of mods and make them available in the internal cross-platform marketplace. This is a clear step towards combining the two versions of the game.

In any case, the add-ons will be easy to install like all other additional content, will sync with your Microsoft account and be compatible with all existing worlds, as well as PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. on mobile. They will also work with multiplayer worlds and I Minecraft Realms. Interestingly, only the host or owner of the Realm will need to have the mod installed before others can use it.

What will plugins do? What mods usually do is change the gaming experience, add features, replace existing ones, etc. according to the tastes of the modder in question.

The important thing is the fact that there will be add-ons too money can be madeSo whoever creates them will also be able to plan to treat them like a real business, perhaps giving them more care.

There are currently 11 plugins available, six of which are completely free.

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