Minecraft has sold over 300 million copies

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During the livestream, Mojang president Helen Chiang announced: sales For more 300 million copies For minecraftThis is a truly impressive amount, considering that the last official update of 2021 mentioned 238 million copies. Another 60 million copies were sold within two years.

Best selling game of all time?

Minecraft continues to sell

Çan touched on the issue while speaking on the subject. 15th anniversary Features of the game, which will be released in May 2024: “As we approach its 15th anniversary, Minecraft remains one of the best-selling games ever, with sales of more than 300 million copies; the first blocks.”

Chiang thanked the community for helping shape the game into what it is today and will be key to what it will be in the future. “We can’t wait to share it” new content and the experiences of the years to come.”

Minecraft, inspired by Dwarf Fortress and available since May 2009, is available on almost all major gaming platforms. The first version was the PC version, later it came to iOS and Android systems, then expanded to consoles. This is a global phenomenon that no one in the world of video games can ignore.

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