Mass Effect official dog collar becomes butt of sadomasochistic jokes

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Bioware announced the arrival of a new product on its official store: dog collar branded Mass Effect. There’s nothing wrong with that, right? It also looks like a nice object in itself that you can give as a gift to your best friend. It’s a shame that the comments on the announcement have become a riot of sadomasochistic jokes, as highlighted by Bioware themselves.

In fact, the comments made on the announcement tweet are not very healthy, so to speak. We’re talking jokes, of course, so nothing particularly dramatic.


For example, user Ed=Ben fears that most collars sold “will not touch any dog’s neck,” apparently citing less orthodox uses. User cat agrees: “You know very well it’s not meant to be used for dogs.”

Ace: Son of Cayde, Rule 34 If the internet is anything to go by, there’s a porn version of it. There are also those who make references to characters in the game and make jokes from the series. In short, there’s a little bit of everything, including people complaining about cat and hamster discrimination, and of course, plenty of memes.

In short, a dog collar has galvanized the community in hopes that a future Mass Effect rollout will follow suit.

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