Mass Effect Legendary Edition pushed Mac Walters to leave BioWare: here’s why

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success Mass Effect Legendary Edition that was the reason Mac Walters either decided Leave BioWare Nineteen years later: The author explained this during an interview, explaining the meaning of his words.

Achieving sales figures well above expectations, Mass Effect Legendary Edition has essentially proven itself. swan song In the eyes of Walters, who thought that he did not want to make new episodes for the series after the series: “Why do you tempt fate?” said.

The author asked if this is possible working on a new intellectual property with a small teamJust like he did back in the day of the original Mass Effect, but he quickly realized that wasn’t going to happen, so he decided to end it there.

A new adventure

Mac Walters

As we know, Mac Walters has launched a new studio called Worlds Untold to try to recreate that enthusiasm. “This small team improved the chemistry and the ability to work with different people outside of BioWare, thanks to the addition of a development partner,” he recalled.

“This is the future, this is what the triple-A production market needs to become, given how complex and challenging it is,” Walters continued. “And a lot of it reminds me of… you know, call it the good old days or whatever you want.”

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