Manufacturer announces Fortnite Festival will support PDP guitars

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Fortnite Festival It is one of the recently introduced Fortnite modes and is themed around music. This is interesting content, but it would be even more fun if you could use controllers based on musical instruments. The good news is that support for such controllers appears to be on the way.

on x, PDP peripherals manufacturer announced that he will come soon Guitars for Fortnite Festival. PDP recently produced music controllers for Harmonix’s Rock Band 4. Harmonix also developed the Fortnite Festival, so there’s a nice symmetry to the whole thing.

The confirmation comes after PDP released the image you can see at the beginning.

Fortnite Festival but only

Fortnite Festival

Speaking to IGN USA, Epic Games Vice President Saxs Persson and Harmonix studio director Alex Rigopulos talked specifically about peripherals a few days ago. Rigopoulos said the following on the subject: Rock Band controller support: “It’s not at launch, but supporting peripherals in the game is a priority for us. It’s something we’re already actively working on.”

It looks like this now CONTAINER He wants to be included in the list of producers supporting the Fortnite Festival. This isn’t so strange considering the success of free-to-play.

Finally, let us remind you that Fortnite also offers LEGO and Rocket Race modes in addition to the Festival.

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