Little Nightmares: Enhanced Edition for PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC is rated by the ESRB

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The mysterious person reappears Little Nightmares: Enhanced EditionNow Rated by ESRB in version PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PCThis shows that this new version has actually reached the market and new generation platforms.

The game in question has been revealed before, but always within various classifications: Last July, Little Nightmares: Enhanced Edition actually surfaced undercover in Australia, suggesting that a free update was coming soon, which has not yet happened.

Actually there is no such person yet announcement We’re talking about this mysterious Little Nightmares: Enhanced Edition, but the fact that it keeps popping up among classification bodies suggests the game is already on its way.

Does it provide consistency?

Little Nightmares, an image from the game

That’s why the latest outlook lies with the Entertainment Software Rating Board, the board that deals with the classification of video game products. North Americahence the question becomes more serious.

The classification also refers to the game’s features and story, which essentially correspond to the features of the original Little Nightmares. The idea is that this Enhanced Edition could represent a technical evolution of the pioneer for new platforms.

So beyond the increase in resolution, performance, effects and overall graphics quality, Little Nightmares: Enhanced Edition may be a bare-bones version. technical upgradeHowever, pending any announcement on this matter, the possibility that it may include additional game elements is not excluded.

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