Little Nightmares 3: You don’t need to know the previous episodes to play

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Little Nightmares 3 It will be “a brand new adventure in the world of Little Nightmares” and accordingly You don’t need to know previous games To enjoy the new episode of the series that will be released next year.

At least that’s what producer Coralie Feniello says in the behind-the-scenes video. On the other hand, long-time fans may find some references and secrets connected to previous stories. In this context, Feniello added that the new heroes Low and Alone were created in such a way that Players will be able to develop various theories about their relationship and where they fit into the franchise’s timeline.

A spiral, dark and disturbing place

The video also mentions the nightmarish environment that forms the background of the events in Little Nightmares 3. Spiral. It is described in the video as a “disturbing set of locations” where players can expect different locations, enemies and threats in each level.

It will be the first stop of the journey. necropolis“fed by wild winds and endowed with endless energy,” it is a very dangerous but in some ways fascinating place, a place where players can find “moments frozen in time, traces of the past” and discover more about what happened to this place and who lived there.”

We remind you that Little Nightmares 3 is expected on PC, PS5, PS4 and Xbox Series. 2024. On the occasion of Gamescom, we published the preview of the new adventure of Supermassive Games and Bandai Namco.

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