Lies of P: The latest update removed Denuvo, perhaps by accident?

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NEOWIZ recently released a new patch. P’s lieshis spirit seems inspired by Collodi’s work. This update It takes care of adding some free content to Wo Long for you and fixes some bugs. But he also (perhaps?) did something he shouldn’t have done: Denuvo protection removed.

We remember this Denuvo It is “anti-tamper” software, meaning it is designed to prevent piracy. But often this protection, even if minimal, is considered the cause of performance problems and is therefore despised by honest players who would buy the game even if it were not protected.

Now, as DSOGaming points out, Lies of P no longer includes this protection. It has not been confirmed by NEOWIZ that the removal of Denuvo was a voluntary choice, and Steam still reports its presence in the game, so there is suspicion that this is a bug, but it should be noted that the “pirates” already have an illegal copy. So it doesn’t make much sense to leave Denuvo anymore, other than preserving additional content.

P’s lies, our review

P’s lies is an action role-playing game with a soul-like feel. We play a boy, Geppetto’s son, who is a puppet with the partial ability to lie (puppets must tell the truth). We can expect gameplay similar to Miyazaki’s works, relying on the use of perfect parrying and a variety of freely combinable weapons to destabilize enemies.

You can read our Lies of P review here.

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