Lies of P: First images of the new DLC and balance patch coming soon

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Neowiz and Round8 announce the arrival of several new features P’s liessignificantly balance patch Also some information coming in November DLCA few of these were published as visual illustrative illustrations.

Sending a special “video letter” to players, director Jiwon Choi reported that work on Lies of P is in full swing and thanked everyone for reaching 1 million copies sold in the first month despite being released directly within Xbox Game Pass. could have had a greater impact on the standard purchase quantity.

In addition to making changes to weapons and characters in terms of balance, “Life quality” Changing the approach even in the early stages of the game.

Also, a new free costumeIn addition to thanking players for the excellent response in the market, we also introduced the option to wear the glasses and hat separately to increase customization possibilities.

First expansion coming soon

Lies of P, one of the images from the first DLC

Also reportedly first expansion DLC It’s coming for Lies of P, and to suggest something about the settings, two images have been released, apparently representing preparatory images for the making of the levels.

Lies of P is another example in DLC
Lies of P is another example in DLC

They also look quite interesting; they have a ship and some kind of huge laboratory. scenarios.

To get to know it better, we refer you to our Lies of P review; Here the title emerges as one of the most convincing soul-like games not to come directly from From Software, thanks to its excellent gameplay as well as its inspiringly charming setting. by Pinocchio.

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