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The new year starts with a new bang Xbox Developer Direct, rich New announcements and lots of video game themed information. Below you can find the five games shown to us, enjoy reading!

Explained (Obsidian)

Obsidian Fun manages to surprise us once again ANNOUNCEDAn RPG game set in a fantasy world And now. Among the many things shown, it is marked innovative dynamic struggle this will allow switching between melee style, spell casting and shooting with a wide variety of different spells. The game will also feature a wide variety of enemies with different fighting styles and characteristics.

An important element isinteraction of narrative: Main quests and story will vary based on: Player’s decisions and choices, it also changes the world and surrounding NPCs. world And now It’s incredibly large, colorful, and full of different biomes, each with their own unique characteristics. Avowed will arrive in fall 2024.

The Legend of Senua: Hellblade II (Ninja Theory)

7 years after the first episode aired, senua He returns with a new and intriguing story: the voices have long since disappeared, confusion is replaced by emptiness, and the girl will have to make new friends if she wants to survive. In this second episode, the fight will be fiercer, tougher and more fascinating than ever before with extremely realistic sounds thanks to audio technology binaural and innovative intimacy audio. Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II will be released on May 21, 2024.

Visions of Mana (Square Enix)

Visions of Mana, historical title: Square Enixpresents the monsters of previous games in a completely new look, but also thanks to its oversight Koichi Ishii, creator of the series. When it comes to navigating the game world, we will be at your disposal picules, A cross between a Yorkshire and an armadillo. There will also be elemental spirits that the player can use in battle. Visions of Mana will be released in the summer of 2024.

SEARCH (Oxide)

When it comes to the type of strategy, SearchA title strongly inspired by the epic Civilization but it is ready to innovate and surprise: the real goal will be to create the strongest and most prosperous nation in the world. Prestige points. Such points will be awarded to us upon completion of the following. important actions such as the creation of monuments, military or scientific victories.

An important difference compared to other strategic games is time: Various players will need to make strategic choices in real time and simultaneously with their opponents. Numerous current leadersThese games, each with their own skills, will guarantee an incredible variety of gameplay. ARA will arrive towards the end of 2024.

Indiana Jones and the Ancient Circle (Machine Games)

As a final announcement, we have a legend Indiana Jones: First-person FPS in which it will be possible to defeat enemies and solve numerous puzzles. Accompanied by our friend GinaWe will start our journey from: Vatican But soon we will end up in forests, deserts and even snow-capped mountains.

Dear whip will play a central role in the game, both during combat and exploration scenes; the crosswordwill be on the other side optional options and they can be avoided. Finally, the high-level music department will also accompany the experience by faithfully reproducing the atmosphere of the films. Indiana Jones and the Ancient Circle will arrive in 2024, but we don’t know the time period yet.

Also take a look at this Dungeon TwistsA new board game developed by. let’s hopeAn Italian team based in Milan.

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