Latest travel advice for Jamaica (March 2022)

Travelling to Jamaica just got easier. Whether you’re travelling from the USA, UK or Canada, there are far less restrictions and tests as the markets open up. From March 1st, 2022, Jamaica no longer requires visitors to complete a Travel Authorization form. All travellers to the island aged 12 and up will still have to show proof of a negative Antigen OR PCR test taken and received within 72 hours before they check in at their departure airport. Unvaccinated visitors to Jamaica will no longer have to quarantine upon arrival under relaxed Covid border restrictions that are now in force.

Any Antigen tests required prior to returning home are easily organised and can be done at Greencastle at a reasonable cost of $60 USD per person.

You will be asked on arrival where you are staying. And just to reiterate other changes over the last couple of months…


Travel to Jamaica from the USA is permissible and only requires an antigen test in Jamaica 24 hours before returning to the USA.

See latest travel advice from the USA.


Jamaica is now free to travel to, from the UK and there are no restrictions in place.

Those returning to the UK from Jamaica that have had their vaccinations no longer need to undertake a test prior to departure.

There’s also no need to quarantine for 10 days after arrival home.

See latest advice from the UK.


If you’re travelling from Canada, you’ll need to ensure you’ve obtained a covid-19 molecular test in Jamaica before returning to Canada.

See latest travel advice from Canada.

For the EU, please consult your country-of-origin governments’ website for guidance.

Covid compliance for Tourism, within Jamaica’s resilient corridor can be seen when searching under Guesthouses and the Name Taino Hills Estate (Green Castle, St Marys). 

If you’re unsure about any of the above and how this may affect potential travel to and from Jamaica, please feel free to contact us on and we’ll do our best to help.