Kerbal Space Program 2: The release date of the first major update is determined

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developers Kerbal Space Program 2 they revealed release date because for scienceor first major update For the astronaut simulation: It will be available on December 19, 2023.

According to a post big updateIt will bring many new features to the game.

But something about the update in question has already been revealed, and it seems to represent a truly significant contribution to the content and game structure of Kerbal Space Program 2, introducing new elements and additional modes.

New mode and many additions

Among the main promotions Exploration modePlayers will be able to collect Science by exploring different biomes to unlock additional technologies to be used in space exploration and vehicle construction.

Other additions include a reworking of Mission Control, collections of other parts of Science, new Categories to follow in tech treestree diagrams and more that allow you to focus on various technological elements.

In addition to all this, there will be room for extensive bug fixes, performance improvements and various adjustments, as well as an important corrective patch in this sense.

In fact, when Kerbal Space Program 2 was released into early access, it received many negative reviews on Steam due to performance problems. This is an issue that the developers are working on intensively and we are waiting to see the results.

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