Potoo Superior Cottage rooms at Green castle Hotel Jamaica

Jamaica’s best kept secret…(and up to 15% off most accommodation between May-Oct)

Though Green Castle has long been one of Jamaica’s best kept secrets over in Saint Mary Parish on the North Eastern coast – this conception is changing rapidly.

During recent lockdowns and restrictions, Green Castle saw a large increase in local Jamaicans visiting the Estate. Why?


Green Castle has a long history associated with it going right back to Jamaica’s earliest inhabitants – the Taino Indians. There are remnants of a former Taino village that can be seen on the estate and a Taino burial site. Much of Jamaica’s fascinating past can be evidence throughout the estate – for example, there is a 500yr old Spanish Tower which has been carbon-dated. There are remains of an old English fort and there are also strong arguments as to why the coastline at Green Castle may have been where Columbus first made landfall. You can read more about Green Castle’s fascinating history here. There is also an opportunity to do an Estate Tour either as part of your stay/vacation or on a simple daytrip.

Weekend breaks / vacation

Green Castle is ideal for a weekend break or for vacation. As it’s only a small 12 room boutique hotel, it’s perfect for feeling like you’re in another country. With the Estate’s 1600 acres, it’s perfect for social distancing and all rooms are accessible from the ground floor, therefore making it easy to keep your distance if you prefer.

We have had a lot of visitors from Jamaica looking to celebrate landmark family occasions with us by taking a number of rooms and in some cases, the entire villa.

Added to this, we offer 15% off most accommodation to local Jamaicans booking between May and October. Check out our accommodation options here.

Accessibility to local tourist attractions / Hiking

Green Castle is ideally placed to access many of Jamaica’s most famous tourist attractions, most of which are within an hour’s drive. These include Mystic Mountain Adventure Park, gentle river-rafting on the Rio Grande, Goldeneye and many more.

We also have lots of hikes you can undertake – either on a day visit or as part of your weekend break / vacation. With 20 miles of private hiking trails, there is something for everyone. Apart from taking in the history of Green Castle and Jamaica, there are many exciting things to see and discover. I.e. hidden waterfalls / hikes to Kwame Falls or Green Castle Blue Hole. You can find out everything there is to do here.

This pic below of Mingo Falls (taken by Timothy Lloyd on a recent visit to Green Castle), is just one of the many amazing sights to see…

You can check out the many different hiking routes we offer via our interactive map here.

Map of Green Castle Hotel Jamaica Best things to do in Jamaica