Jamaica reopening after Coronavirus

Jamaica opening up

2020 has seen a year like no other in recent memory across the world.  As it comes to a close and we slip into 2021, there are green shoots of life returning to normality.  The Caribbean, and Jamaica in particular are entering peak season.  The Jamaican tourist board are expressing ‘cautious optimism’ that we can continue to offer guests a slice of paradise whilst providing excellent service and exemplary levels of safety.

Over 4,000 tourists arrived in Jamaica on December 12th to enjoy their vacation.  This is the highest daily amount of tourists arriving since Jamaica reopened for tourism on June 15th.  Last month Jamaica saw 65,000 visitors, which was 7,000 more than October.  This is in part thanks to the Resilient Corridors, of which Green Castle is located in the Northern Resilient Corridor. It is also due to the dedication by many hotels and attractions to provide a safe location for guests to vacation whilst also limiting contact. Jamaica is reopening for holidays and vacations.  Green Castle undertakes a strict daily policy of cleaning, as well our team wearing protective equipment to ensure that guests do not have to worry about Covid whilst they stay at our 1600 acre /6.5km2 private estate.  Green Castle has not had a single case of Coronavirus by any guests during their stay. Providing a perfect blend of natural social distancing due to Green Castle’s size and limited numbers of guests being allowed at any one time on the estate, guests have been able to escape 2020 to bring much needed respite. Green Castle offers a chance to de-stress and unwind after what has been a difficult year.

Further good news this week was the resumption of British Airways’ service from London Gatwick to Montego Bay a route that will operate twice weekly through April 2021.

“We are happy to welcome the return of British Airways to Montego Bay for the winter season, adding to their current service to Kingston,” said Donovan White, Jamaica’s Director of Tourism. “The increased capacity, in addition to our series of travel agent familiarization tours, will serve to boost our arrivals and demonstrate an increased interest in Jamaica. We hope these increasing numbers are an indication of the trend going forward.”

For more on Jamaica’s travel protocols see here.