Is The Long Dark 2 in development? Video of a mysterious survivor from the Hinterland has emerged

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Long Dark Despite the fact that the genre is now very crowded and the Hinterland game is relatively “old”, it remains arguably one of the most impressive survival games ever seen. following As can be seen from this promotional video, it would be really interesting. mystery game is being developed by the team.

The atmospheres are slightly different as the evolutionary leap is clearly evident from a technological standpoint, but it seems like it’s a “survival” and the idea is that it might actually be possible. Long Dark 2or in each case a title conceptually related to it.

The video lasts just over 20 seconds, but it is already enough to give an idea of ​​u200bu200ba very special atmosphere that may have something to do with the perfect survival advertisement. post apocalyptic environment and Glacier, which is in early access but has achieved significant success from the start, with development continuing for years.

Survival in Unreal Engine 5

Long Dark has a special graphic style that gives it a unique atmosphere.

The Hinterland post accompanying the video states that “Some good things are about to happen in Unannounced Survival Games” and clearly states that this is the new game in development and that it is a game. survival this too.

Another feature that emerges is that the new title in question was developed in 2013. Unreal Engine 5and indeed its graphical performance is remarkable, marking a clear stylistic break from The Long Dark. Second, it didn’t quite aim for realism; it aimed for a specific interpretation of reality, with graphics that were more stylized but still deeply evocative thanks to the excellent use of lights and shadows.

At this point we are waiting for information about this interesting new project and we really hope that The Long Dark 2 is a possibility.

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