Invincible Review: the mysteries of space

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Star Industriesa Polish studio based KrakowHe recently published his latest work, Invincibleinspired bynovel of the same name by Stanislaw Lem. Available on: PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series The game was officially released on November 6, 2023 and was received very positively by critics. Here’s our opinion!

An inspiring environment

Invincible it turned out to be something unofficial prequel It remains very faithful to the original and author of Lem’s book. Source work originally published in 1964, It tells a retro-style science fiction story set on a mysterious planet called Regis III. A difference immediately becomes apparent: In the novel, we find ourselves in the place of the ship’s crew.InvincibleWe play a scientist in the game, which has a large spaceship. Yasna, member of a small rival group.

Registration III It is a desert planet, cold and devoid of life. Yasna He finds himself lost in a large sandpit, but with no memory of the previous hours: The girl sets off in search of her crew and comes into contact with him again. Novik, The captain of the ship, who remains in the atmosphere and waits for news, will help him survive and explore this mysterious planet.

A woman in danger

Discovery It is at the center of the game, with frequent dialogue exchanges between the hero and his captain, who will try to guide him. The plot proposed by the developers coincides with that of the book and gives us a different perspective from what readers already know. Invincible It is definitely a narrative work and has deep-rooted traces, Except for the ending and some dialogue choices: the last one in particular will affect the interpretation of the commentary. Yasna It will help you search for events and some special items.

The story is extremely interesting even though the story is completely linearfull of surprises and endless discoveries: The first-person perspective, which allows us to explore the alien planet through the eyes of the protagonist, greatly helps the immersion. Starry He also did a great job setting up the environment. Registration IIIA person with charm and personality who can constantly raise questions in the player about both the past and present of the desolate planet. jasna.


But, The vast environments we find ourselves traveling through can disturb the narrative, travel times even exceed 10 minutes. Fortunately, Invincible It offers a rich variety of optional dialogue between. Yasna And Novik This will eliminate the dead silence and bring joy to long waits. We will have different usage opportunities during our trip. useful objects, from the little ones scanner to metal detector, they all have a sixties analog style.

There map, A very important element in gameplay, it is perfectly integrated with the game interface and looks very reliable in appearance; quality animations Moreover, the appearance of the objects is flawless. The game offers a powerful experience gripping, especially for those who love the genre slow pacing and little impact on the main plot.


Realistic gameplay… maybe too much

What immediately stands out is the extreme demand. user login: For each actionWhether clicking a button or controlling their arm, the player is asked to react with a specific button. This feature allows you to increase immersion, but risks becoming repetitive and frustrating even after a single try. 5 minute match.

To finish the game, simply walk and respond to the dialogues. Novik, statements that enable us to make choices that affect our view of events. These “choices” will be represented in some way. comic book Summary in game. The last painful point is Complete lack of Italian language, A significant shortcoming in the field of narrative games. Finally, we would like to explain this. no problem can actually ruin the gaming experience, It made it unforgettable with its exciting story and incredible sound system.

Invincible is an incredibly beautiful and well-finished game; Despite some flaws, it maintains an important story thanks to fantastic characters and well-constructed environments. We VMAG We see this as an important topic and want to recommend it to you, especially in terms of Christmas. Have a nice holiday!

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