Infinite Riches Like a Dragon was not a given: it was thanks to the success of the previous episode

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Yakuza saga has arrived with its new episode Yakuza Like a Dragon at a turning point. Not only has there been a change in protagonist, setting, and main characters, but it has also reinvented the combat system, ditching the action in favor of a turn-based RPG structure with classes. The result was positive, but by no means definitive. In fact, the team said that the sequel is coming soon. Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth – that would be okay Turn-based RPG if the previous situation had not convinced the people.

Speaking to TheGamer Hiroyuki Sakamoto is the main producer of the series “If Like a Dragon 7 hadn’t been so well received, we probably wouldn’t have had this game. It was really thanks to the success of the previous game that we were able to create this game,” he said. “We wouldn’t have Infinite Wealth if the move to a new cast and change to mechanics from the previous game hadn’t been well received by fans,” says The Gamer in Sakamoto’s words.

Sakamoto also says: “We really try to focusbalance between good gameplay and good story. We don’t just want to have good gameplay and a mediocre story (or vice versa). “We always try to maintain this balance and make sure we offer the complete package in terms of quality.”

Like a Dragon isn’t entirely turn-based

Gaiden Like a Dragon: The Man Who Erased His Name is an action game

However, it should not be forgotten that like a dragon It hasn’t completely abandoned its action game nature. Like a Dragon Gaiden The Man Who Deleted His Name preserves the classic structure of the saga and continues the remake of Like a Dragon: Ishin! always an action game.

Moreover, for those who prefer this approach, the Judgment spin-off saga is still an action game and there are already two chapters devoted to it.

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