Indiana Jones: Making it an Xbox exclusive makes strategic and financial sense for Disney

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According to Sean Shoptaw, president of Disney’s gaming division, he makes the game like this: indiana jones by MachineGamesExclusive to Xbox Series and PC, thus taking PS5 out of the equation logical choice Strategically and financially.

Shoptaw’s words come from an interview given to the Axios portal; Here he explained that Xbox represents one of the largest markets in the video game market, and therefore Disney was confident that it could do this during negotiations with Microsoft. reach a large number of players.

“Since Xbox is still one of the biggest markets for video games, we didn’t think we’d give Indiana Jones such exclusive treatment,” Shoptaw said. “We thought it would reach a lot of people and we felt: financially and strategically It made sense for the game at the time.”

Indiana Jones will be available on Game Pass at launch

Since Indiana Jones was announced by MachineGames and Bethesda in 2021, it has been frequently discussed whether the game will be exclusive to Xbox and PC or will also be released on PS5. Microsoft did not provide precise information about.

Final confirmation of the exclusivity of green and cross-platform finally came this summer, when Pete Hines, Bethesda’s former vice president of global marketing, testified for the Microsoft v. FTC case, where he stated that Indiana Jones would be in the mix. It is an Xbox exclusive and will be included in the PC and Xbox Game Pass catalog at launch.

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