Hogwarts Legacy: Many open-world downloads on Nintendo Switch are not available in other versions

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The first analyzes and comparisons have arrived Nintendo Switch version related to Hogwarts Legacy and one of the most significant and negative differences reported is lots of uploads It is not available in other versions.

The SwitchUp channel took a pretty in-depth look at Hogwarts Legacy on Nintendo Switch. positive but imperfect decisionbecause this version works “pretty well” and “could have been a lot worse”.

Despite the obvious sacrifices in terms of graphics performance, especially resolution, distance drawing, texture quality and lighting, the biggest difference of the Nintendo Switch version compared to the others is this: The open world is no longer seamless due to the large number of downloads available.

For example, on PC and PlayStation and Xbox consoles, the player can explore the interior of Hogwarts, go outside, walk to Hogsmeade, and enter a store in a single journey, without loading times that would fragment the exploration.

8:49 of the video below. As we can see in minutes, to enter Hogsmeade on Nintendo Switch, you have to endure a loading screen on the contrary. Between 30 and 50 seconds. Unfortunately, it doesn’t end there because more loading is required every time you enter the magical city, enter or exit any store. However, there is no real loading screen inside Hogwarts, but one has to wait a few seconds in front of the doors and entrances to move from one part of the academy to another.

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