Halo Infinite on Xbox surpasses Destiny 2 to rise to the top games list

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Apparently thanks Season 5: Reckoningmultiplayer Halo Infinite is experiencing a kind of second youth that attracts the attention of many players and as a result Raising the rankings of the most played games on Xbox console in the USA.

As reported by Windows Central, Halo Infinite ranked sixteenth Leaving Destiny 2 behindDespite its period of fatigue, it still remains a very crowded MMO.

It might not seem like a huge success in itself, but the overall picture shows that Halo Infinite has all the makings of it. grow bigger and 343 Industries appears to have hit its mark with Season 5, given that overall active player count remains high even after the peak recorded at launch over a month ago. Previously, the game suffered a massive hemorrhage of active players after the launch of Season 2.

On the contrary SteamApart from a small initial peak of 18,000 concurrent players recorded at the start of the new season, numbers are currently around 6,000 – 9,000 concurrent players; this is higher on average than in previous months, but not by much.

Is Destiny 2 in free fall?

The twenty most played games on Xbox in the US

The situation of Destiny 2, which has undergone an undeniable change despite being among the most played MMOs, is also interesting.period of marked fatigue It has reached its lowest ever number of concurrent players on Steam in recent months.

This happened after the release of the expansion pack The Eclipse, which, among other things, allowed the Bungie game to reach the record for concurrent players on Steam. Frankly, despite the initial excitement, the DLC and content arriving in the following months failed to entice players to stay on the game servers in hopes that the trend would reverse with the release of La Formula Ultima. next February, despite rumors about a possible postponement.

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