Halo: former developer reveals dozens of proposed projects for mods and episodes of the series

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During Hale Infinite continues on its path of expansion and enrichment, it seems that there are various possible developments for the game and the series in general. thrownAs is normal in the development process, despite the amount submitted projects It looks pretty impressive, according to an unconfirmed former team member from 343 Industries.

Process present ideas It’s standard procedure for new features or long-term post-launch support to be added to a series or live service game, and it’s certainly natural that most of them remain unconfirmed, hence the statement that former Kevin Schmitt-343 Industries and Rockstar’s senior designer is now at Epic Games It’s no surprise that it happened, but it’s interesting to learn some of the backstory.

Essentially, Schmitt suggested that the team approximates 20-30 ideas The Halo ODST theme will be implemented across the Halo universe, including multiplayer and single-player versions. The question arises in the wake of discussions about Helldivers 2 and how such a formula could be adapted to Halo.

Something similar to Helldivers 2

Halo 3: ODST had similar elements to Helldivers 2

According to Schmitt, the proposed ideas included structures similar to the one used by Arrowhead Studio. Hell Divers 2It mainly takes the setting and features of Halo 3: ODST, but these were not maintained by 343 Industries.

In the developer’s more than a dozen years of experience at the studio, he has seen around 20-30 projects proposed, but most of them were not accepted despite representing very interesting variations. Overall, it seems like Microsoft and 343 Industries have opted to keep the series true to its arena FPS roots in terms of multiplayer, given the difficulty of bringing a historic series back on track.

Schmitt ends the conversation by regretting that Microsoft is unwilling to include such experiments on Halo, despite being a company that has shown that it is willing to give wide scope to certain ideas that differ from the norm, as demonstrated by Pentiment, Grounded, and others. other titles.

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