GTA 6: will it be announced soon? Rockstar Games will send warning emails for leaks

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Presentation where the official announcement was made GTA 6 it could be closeConsidering that Rockstar Games has shipped some games, according to an insider. alert email at a pitch event for the “next chapter” of the series.

The topic was reported by an X user identified as Nima: What makes the situation quite interesting is that this person is part of the team dedicated to quality control. Capcom USAthus, he is something of a video game industry insider.

Nima published a post where she showed a folder in X. email An email from “RSGNYC PR”, which appears to be Rockstar Games’ public relations department in the US, attracts attention. The email’s title seems pretty straightforward: “Unveiling the new chapter.”

The presentation is expected to be made in early December

We already know that GTA 6 will be announced and is about to be shown, as it is essentially the same. rockstar games Reporting this clearly and publicly, stating early December as the expected period for this presentation.

But the question automatically arises: What does Capcom USA have to do with GTA 6, and why would it receive a confidential email from Rockstar Games with a warning about the presentation? In fact, these are quite mysterious elements, but there is a truly special bond between the two companies.

Capcom has actually overseen the release of various installments of Grand Theft Auto in Japan in past years; furthermore, Nima may be part of some sort of email list of developers and professionals to whom Rockstar Games could send that email.

The fact that we are probably getting closer to the presentation can be seen from the fact that the Rockstar Games website has been redesigned for the game, so the only thing left will probably be to wait a few days.

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