GTA 6, Florida Joker is coming out again: He wants $5 million, otherwise he will sue Rockstar Games

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Sullivan claims she was harassed everywhere she went

In the new video published on TikTok, Sullivan states that he has already agreed with his lawyers and sent a letter to Rockstar Games, and that he will take legal action if he does not receive a response. He added that he now wants $5 million in compensation. was repeatedly harassed Due to its similarity to the character featured in the GTA 6 trailer.

In his new video addressing Rockstar Games, Sullivan said, “We need to talk to GTA, you are playing with my intelligence.” “It’s been a crazy few days. This is my last warning. I just got back from Miami, I just got back from California, I talked to both of my Jewish lawyers. We sent you a letter, we’re waiting for a response. If we don’t hear back by my birthday, which isJanuary 11“We will take legal action.”

“I want $5 million now. I’m harassed everywhere I go, on the street, at the airport… “you are the Joker in GTA 6”. Was it nice? “Rockstar Games, go talk to your father, Take-Two, and get my money.”

As we said before, we doubt Rockstar Games will agree to Sullivan’s wishes, given that the character seen in the trailer is a parody that isn’t created in exactly the same way. In the past, the company even won a lawsuit against actress Lindsay Lohan for a similar case; therefore, we assume they are not concerned about possible legal action.

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