GTA 6: According to a rumor, characters will age in the game

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Following the October announcement GTA 6Rumors about the never-realized game continue to proliferate, even though nothing is officially known yet (other than it being in development). The last one is about the integration of a game into a game. aging system The characters’ hair and beards grow longer as time goes by.

Small but to bring back important informationIf confirmed, the person responsible for much of the stolen information was deepthroated @RockstarGTAVI.

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When will we learn something about GTA 6?

This is certainly not a novelty, considering that games like The Sims 4 have been offering character aging systems for years. However, if the rumor is confirmed, it will be interesting to understand how a similar system will be integrated into such a different type of game and how to solve the problems it may cause.

Of course, it is worth repeating that this is just a rumor for now and nothing is certain. After all, Rockstar Games hasn’t introduced the game yet, so really anything is possible.

The latest rumors were for the presentation to take place in October 2023, but these rumors were clearly wrong, considering that we still haven’t seen anything as of November 3, 2023, that is, today.

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