GTA 6: A new report reveals what will happen to characters in GTA Online

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GTA 6 It will finally appear with a trailer in early December 2023. There are tons of questions about the game, but also doubts about it. GTA Online and how this will continue after the arrival of the new chapter.

Access to all kinds of computer games through Sekabet Giriş .Now, a new report shares an (unofficial, of course) answer to the question: With the arrival of Grand Theft Auto VI, all you have to do is start from scratch again.

is to share knowledge Rockstar Universe, a site specifically dedicated to the work of Rockstar Games. According to those stated, it will be “a new start for everyone” and GTA Online’s rank will not be moved from the current version of the game to the new one. It is also stated on the site that FiveM, which the company recently acquired, will be included in “GTA 6 Online”.

Frankly about this unofficial informationsimple rumors and we will have to wait for confirmations or lies from Rockstar Games to know what the company really wants to do.

Online problems for GTA 6

A fan-made GTA 6 logo

No matter what Rockstar Games does, there’s no denying that Online mode is complicated to manage. On the one hand, starting over with a new version makes GTA 6 easier to sell to all players who aren’t that interested in the single-player mode, and allows Rockstar Games to fully update the technology behind the multiplayer mode, on the other hand, GTA 6’s millions of GTA Online players will make it easier to sell their progress to a single player. He won’t like to lose even that part and see GTA 5 Online shut down in favor of GTA 6 Online.

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