Granblue Fantasy: Relink, a gameplay trailer showing off awesome boss fights

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Interesting news keeps coming Granblue Fantasy: Reconnection Including a new event from Granblue Fest 2023 organized by Cygames game trailer This also shows some things boss battles Action RPG coming in February.

The movie focuses Primal MonstersHuge monsters created by the Astrals, endowed with divine powers and capable of unleashing real disasters. In the trailer, we especially see Managarmr, Furycane, Excavallion and Vulkan Bolla. There will also be knife-edge battles against humanoid bosses, such as those against Lilith, Gallanza, Maglielle, and a mysterious swordsman.

As far as we can see, every conflict will require quick reflexes, and in some cases we can also see certain mechanisms. For example, in the case of the giant Excavallion, players will have to climb its massive body to destroy it.

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