God of War Ragnarok Valhalla: new images and details on free roguelite DLC

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New details and an image gallery are coming via the PlayStation Blog pages Valhallafree content God of War Ragnarok roguelite-style challenges are planned for next 12 December.

According to the information announced during The Game Awards and shared by Sony Santa Monica, God of War Ragnarok represents Valhalla. epilogue to the events of the base game It follows Kratos on a personal and thoughtful journey.

Following the events leading up to the Ragnarok credits, Kratos, accompanied by Mimir, will reach the shores of Valhalla and then explore its depths through a series of trials. dealing with “echoes of the past”As seen in the first official trailer, it suggests enemies and challenges based on ancient games based on Greek mythology.

As noted, the DLC is set after the events of the base game, but players can do so if they wish. access whenever you wantIt’s like it’s a separate adventure.

Spirit of harmony and mastery in combat

On the gameplay side, Santa Monica states that Valhalla has created an experience that represents the sum of the God of War Ragnarok combat system blended with innovative and experimental elements. Inspired by the roguelite genreWhile each attempt by the player leads to a different experience, once the game is over it will (almost) require starting the adventure over again.

This means you’ll need to master every aspect of God of War: Ragnarok’s combat and have the spirit of harmony to reach the end of this journey. With each attempt, players will start from scratch.Without armor and other equipment, you choose which perks, temporary bonuses, runic attacks, and more to use from time to time along the way. However, all will not be lost if the game ends because it will be possible to obtain permanent upgrades during the challenges.

To prevent everything from getting too frustrating, you can also choose: five different difficulty levels in addition to all the accessibility options also found in the base game. Therefore, the initiative proposed by Valhalla is an initiative that is accessible to everyone, which can turn into a difficult challenge with a capital “S” for those who want to face the maximum challenge.

How about reclaiming the Swords of Chaos and the Leviathan ax to face the exploits of Ragnarok Valhalla, God of War?

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