God of War Ragnarok: Sound effect coming from a little girl still in her mother’s womb

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Inside God of War Ragnarok there is sound effect made with heartbeat of a little girl still in the womb. This was uncovered by Senior Sound Designer Alex Previty of Santa Monica Studio, who enlisted the help of his then-unborn daughter.

It all came to light when God of War content creator Kaptain Kuba posted a short video on Twitter of the Worldspark in Ragnarok, where the realms of Muspelheim and Niflheim meet. Kuba pointed out how “creepy” the sound effects were, and Previty responded by saying she used sound effects. daughter’s heartbeat as part of the sound of the world while still in the womb.

“I recorded this 3.5 mm printout of baby doppler“, explains Previty. “The longest tone elements come from a children’s choir warming up in the gym!”.

God of War Ragnarok’s sound design was widely praised, and fans were excited to hear Previty explain how she designed the sound. The developer added: heartbeat slowed down fetal “not only slows down the pace, but also makes it look wider!”

God of War Ragnarok and its soundtrack

The audio component of God of War Ragnarok is, of course, as important as graphics, gameplay and plot, and it is always interesting to learn how to do this. Details that few people notice They have very special stories behind them.

In this regard, there is a video diary dedicated to the soundtrack of God of War Ragnarok.

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