Genshin Impact, version 4.3: release date, codes with 300 free Primogemme and full details

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Live broadcast of the presentation4.3 update related to Genshin ImpactAs always, it will bring with it many new features in terms of content, playable characters and limited-time events.

Before we summarize the news of the upcoming update, below we report the three inevitable promo codes for Genshin Impact. 300 Primogems among other useful bonuses:

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Release date, new banners and events

Version 4.3 of Genshin Impact is titled “Roses and Rifles” and will be available on all platforms starting from: December 20, 2023. As we mentioned at the beginning, the update will host two new playable characters: Navia and Chevreuse.

Navia It is a Geo elemental DPS that fights kilmores. In battle, his power increases depending on the number of Crystallization reactions (Geo + Hydro / Pyro / Electro / Cryo) produced by his team, which he uses to unleash a barrage with his umbrella. Basic rebellion clears out enemies by firing cannons.

Chevreuse instead, he is a spear-wielding Pyro-type support character. His elemental ability heals allies on the field for a short time, while his specialization is a passive that increases the damage suffered by opponents after Pyro and Electro’s elemental Overload reaction, as long as the team consists of only those characters. two elements.

Genshin Impact update 4.3 is in its first phase, banner It will be Navia and Kamisato Ayata’s banners, and in the second phase, it will be Raiden Shogun and Yoimiya’s banners, and Chevreuse will be proven as a 4-star character.

The update will also introduce a feature new story mission It stars Navia and two new Artifacts sets, but no further details have been shared at this time. Additionally, new cards and challenges will be added to the Genie’s Invation card game, as well as a number of optimizations to make Artifact farming more practical.

Imain event The content of the Genshin Impact 4.3 update will be “Roses and Rifles”, the new 4-star Claymore “Mega Magic Sword of the Ultimate Olverlord” and the materials needed to upgrade it, Primogemme and other useful resources will be captured. Players will engage in a variety of different activities, including combat challenges and various mini-games.

Other planned events include the “Arataki Blazing Beetle Combat Training Camp” featuring bug combat challenges; “Lost Riches” features underwater treasure hunts; “Dance of the Will to Solve” with battle challenges with special rules; “Box o’ Marvels” with random daily rewards.

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