Genshin Impact, update 4.4: maintenance date and time and 600 free Primogemme

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I4.4 update related to Genshin Impact It’s coming soon, and as usual, Hoyoverse developers took to social media to inform players about it. date and time of planned maintenance List of servers that will accompany the release of the update.

Specifically, server maintenance will start on: Tomorrow 23:00 Italian, Tuesday, January 30, 2024 It will continue for approximately 5 hours and the game will not be accessible during this time. Fortunately, time is working in favor of European players, except for those who stay up late. At the same time, update 4.4 will be available for download, which will add new playable characters, a new area, and limited-time events.

According to tradition, at the end of the work, Hoyoverse will distribute 300 Primogemmes, with another 300 to be added to solve problems in the game. 600 free Initial Gems, a bonus that is definitely useful considering the new banners. All players will be able to use them through Paimon’s inbox, which can be accessed from the pause menu.

Pre-installation already available on PC and mobile devices

PC and mobile players can now run the game pre-installation of files Genshin Impact update 4.4 to speed up times once the full update is rolled out.

On iOS and Android, you can do this from the game’s home screen or from the resource settings. But on PC, just click on the relevant option on the Launcher’s home page. PS5 and PS4 do not support boot functions for updates; In this case, the entire update will need to be downloaded when available.

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