Gears of War: Cliff Bleszinski is angry at those who say he woke up to the last episodes

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Cliff Bleszinski not very happy with the accusations some have made against the latter Gears of War to be “I woke up“. Because of the heroine, the reference is made to the fourth and, above all, the fifth episode. Ours, the original writer of the series, clearly expressed his disappointment in a post on X:

Bleszinski said, “It pisses me off when people say Gears is woke. This culture war is out of control. If Gears of War 3 were released today, they’d say the same thing because the cast was diverse and had strong female soldiers who weren’t sexualized. Get out of this nonsense.”

Did you wake up?

Now some people talk about waking up when a woman appears on the screen

To those who asked where this statement came from, good Cliffyb said that he constantly received messages on the subject, and that these messages were written by fans asking for his support for this fight that he definitely did not want to participate in.

Woke is a word now used derogatorily, above all by the reactionary right, to describe the interest of a particular political party in issues related to social injustices. A woke play will therefore fall victim to this effect, which determines some artistic choices, such as the inclusion of strong female characters in key roles, often replacing male characters.

Bleszinski later joked about this, noting that even Wonder Woman and Buffy would wake up based on the definition these people used.

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