Front Mission 1st Remake announces “Mercenaries” update with single and multiplayer elements

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Publisher Forever Entertainment and development team MegaPixel Studio,“Mercenaries” update For Pre-Quest 1. RemakeIt will bring many new features single-player and multiplayer content.

The update has no features yet release date but for 2024, it is expected to bring additional characters as well as new scenarios for single-player and other modes. Also everything freeIt is distributed as a standard update to all owners of the game.

Let’s look at the content of the update

In this case these contents What to expect for the Mercenaries update of Front Mission 1st Remake:

  • New Single-Player Scenarios: An extension of the main campaign, featuring a series of scenarios to complete and a variety of challenges and stories to explore in the standard single-player mode
  • “Hot Seat” local multiplayer mode: a new local multiplayer game mode that allows us to challenge our friends on new maps
  • New mercenaries and a Commander: The update introduces a new part of the unreleased roster, featuring a variety of new mercenaries, as well as a commander character, and expands the possibilities of using warriors in the game

Front Mission 1st Remake is available for PC and console; You can get to know him better in our exclusive review.

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