Fortnite’s revenue in the US increased by 61% in the last quarter of 2023

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Fortnite recorded growth collections Equals 61% on an annual basis in the US Last quarter of 2023: This is revealed by data collected by Circana, the former NPD, until December 16th.

In short, Rocket Race, Fortnite Festival and the arrival of LEGO Fortnite, Significant revenue growth For Epic Games’ battle royale game, which has always found a way to reinvent itself over the years.

At this point it will be interesting to understand what the newborn is like. Fortnite platform It will evolve over the coming months and years, meeting the needs of its many users or experimenting with new solutions to create something entirely new.

I haven’t heard from them in six years

It’s been six years since Fortnite hit early access, but initially the Epic Games game featured a very different cooperative formula compared to the battle royale structure that later defined the game’s explosion.

This system allowed the project to grow massively by implementing a policy of transitions, seasons, and extra content (temporary or permanent) to keep users interested.

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