Fortnite wants Super Mario costumes, but Nintendo isn’t interested

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Fortnite He is now famous for one thing: his collaborations with other intellectual properties. There are many characters that have landed on the Fortnite island. Although they are missing Super Mario and his friends (and enemies). Epic Games would want them too, but Nintendo doesn’t seem to care.

Sax Persson, Epic Games’ head of the Fortnite ecosystem, explained in an interview with Axios: previous attempts To add Nintendo characters to Fortnite.

“Nintendo has its own strategy, we have our own strategy, and we hope to (use their characters) at some point. Our players would love it.”

Nintendo’s opinion

Mario will not use firearms, at most his luggage

Kit Ellis, Nintendo’s former public relations manager, also spoke about this issue in the past and explained: Nintendo doesn’t need Fortnite and that there is no benefit in putting their characters in a game that goes against brand ethics.

“They spent It took decades to create these characters.Growing this IP to the point where Super Mario: The Movie could now be worth a billion dollars and the Nintendo Switch would be the best-selling console. They might just be one of a dozen identical characters playing a game of shooting people that go against their brand. “There’s no point in this, it won’t happen.”

Nintendo always was objected to his characters showing violent actsEspecially the use of firearms, as detailed by Miyamoto.

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