Fortnite, trailer for the new season was revealed with a leak from PlayStation Sweden

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trailer from new season related to Fortnite It was previously revealed through a leak from PlayStation Sweden, which posted the video early on its Instagram profile. Will it be removed soon? Or will Epic Games make the best of a bad situation?

As can be seen in the figure videoVarious rumors that have been circulating in recent days, starting with the existence of Solid Snake and Peter Griffin, have been confirmed, but not only that: This season’s new features appear to be numerous.

In fact, these range from extra modes to weapon accessories, from grappling hooks to special objects, as mentioned, they pass between characters and some elements of the gameplay that emerge as a result of improvised collaborations. In-game movements have been improved.

This isn’t the first leak

Clearly This isn’t the first leak Fortnite has been a victim of this for years, and the funny thing is that it was the equivalent official Xbox channel that recently previewed Battle Royale’s trailer.

In short, PlayStation Sweden’s move somehow “evens the score”, but considering that Fortnite OG reached 100 million total players in November, the early announcement will certainly not dampen the enthusiasm of a community that has never been this large and passionate.

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