Fortnite: They don’t like the classification system for cosmetics, Epic Games will work on it

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Epic Games recently made a presentation age classification system for cosmetic products and the Islands Fortnite. The aim is to let parents know whether certain content is suitable for young children, but this has also resulted in content that players have already paid for being blocked. Obviously fans didn’t like it and the company admitted through X that it was wrong and they would be coming. new options.

“Well, our plans are cosmetic update They missed the mark with age ratings. We’re working on some new options in the game that we hope will be ready for a big event. Stay in touch and we’ll keep you posted,” reads the post on Fortnite’s X.

What could the Fortnite teaser be referring to?

Fortnite Season OG features well-known locations

As you just read, Epic Games has suggested that a major new event is on the way for Fortnite. It’s not clear what this is aboutbut given that the battle royale’s OG Season will end on December 2, it’s possible the company is talking about some sort of kickoff event for Episode 5.

Of course, players are eager to learn the news, but we hope Epic Games will find a solution: Blocking content that has already been paid for is definitely not the best option.

We would also like to remind you that a Fortnite x LEGO collaboration was mentioned in a leak.

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