Fortnite, Solid Snake and Peter Griffin confirmed in hilarious trailer by David Hayter

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solid snake And peter griffin they will actually come in FortniteApparently: David Hayter, the historical voice of Snake, confirmed this by releasing a hilarious teaser in which the two characters communicate via codec.

Solid Snake and Peter Griffin, who appeared in a leaked image, will appear in Fortnite for the first time. Battle Pass for Episode 5 Season 1along with other new entries that have yet to be officially announced.

A success that shows no signs of abating

So, as Epic Games continues to pursue its successful strategy of collaborations and crossovers, Fortnite OG reached 100 million players in November.

This is new, extraordinary record In this case, it is a big event that will host none other than Eminem for the famous battle royale, which aims to complete the Episode 4 experience like a bomb.

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