Bird watching in Jamaica

For the birds… Jamaica’s the place to go!

Jamaica is an island paradise in the Caribbean and Green Castle Estate is a 1600 acre unspoilt private estate (previously a plantation) just waiting for visitors to explore full of animals, birds, tropical fauna and a huge range of snails. Bird lovers are in for a special treat as the variety of local and migratory bird life is second to none providing a kaleidoscope of colour! Home to almost 300 species (some migratory), it is a dazzling display of beauty courtesy of Mother Nature and there is no better location to find the many of these species than at Green Castle Estate. It’s a delight for bird lovers and home to so many species as the unspoilt rainforest is just as it was hundreds of years ago. Our gardens are lovingly cared for – it’s the perfect home for these beautiful and special creatures.

With its lush rain forest, Green Castle Estate offers bird lovers and watchers an unrivalled adventure. We run a range of bird tours and also welcome third-party tour operators who bring guests to view our special inhabitants. There are a wide range of trails to explore and depending on the time of year you can see the winter migrants from North America, there are 100 plus local breeding birds and 26-30 endemics such ranging from the Red-billed Streamertail who love to congregate in our flower-laden garden – to the very difficult to spot – Jamaican Blackbird that feeds exclusively on the creatures living in bromeliads.

With over twenty miles of well-defined footpaths providing easy and safe access to a diverse set of habitats. There are special birds to be found right across the estate.

As well as extensive tracts of pristine forest, there is a large water reservoir, grasslands, agricultural fields, mangrove swamp and the stunning coastline. Our registered guide is always available to provide expert local knowledge; he can also take you to other key little-known birding destinations across the island.

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