Football Manager 2024, which reached 6 million players in two months, is a record for the series

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Football Manager 2024 It proved to be another success for Sega and Sports Interactive, making it the second time in the series’ history that 6 million players in less than two months.

This success was praised by Sports Interactive boss Miles Jacobson for X | He announced on Twitter that this goal was achieved in just one move 59 days and we thank all partners of the various platforms on which the game is published.

New record of the series before the FM25 revolution

As we mentioned at the beginning, Football Manager 2024 is the second game to reach 6 million players after the previous part of the series, which lasted 284 days.

A result that can be partly explained by the fact that the latest version of the series has arrived since launch. more platforms and subscription services. More specifically, unlike the previous installment, FM 2024 is immediately available on PS5, and its mobile versions are also included in Apple Arcade as well as Netflix subscription.

In any case, these are remarkable numbers considering that the series previously had close to 2 million players and gives us hope for the series and especially the players. Revolution expected with Football Manager 2025With the use of Unity as a graphics engine and the introduction of women’s football, which, according to Sports Interactive, will guarantee more realistic animations.

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