Final Fantasy reveals all Square Enix’s plans for 2024 in New Year’s greetings

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Square Enix They released a New Year greeting message to their fans and talked about what they can expect from us. Final Fantasy This is in 2024.

Naoki Yoshida, known primarily as Yoshi-P and serving as producer Final Fantasy 16 The director and producer of Final Fantasy 14 said that the action game team is working hard on the second expansion pack to make sure it is ready for players. The DLC, titled Rising Tide, is coming in the spring and according to Yoshida’s words, there will be no delays.

“Everyone in Creative Business Unit III, including me, Give it your all in game developmentplayer experience is always at the forefront of our minds!”, notes Yoshida.

Instead of Final Fantasy 14Yoshida said we might learn something about the next expansion, Dawntrail, after the fan festival on January 7 and 8. Yoshida exactly says “we will take you all on a brand new adventure” in this new expansion pack. It’s unclear whether he means we can expect a release in the near future or if it’s just the first look at new content.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth and beyond

Happy birthday

Perhaps the most anticipated game right now. Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth and was at the center of producer Yoshinori Kitase’s lyrics. While Kitase didn’t reveal much news about the upcoming game, he did say that he hopes fans continue to enjoy the remake for its “emotional story that explores the relationships between characters and the exploration of the expansive world map game.”

Additionally, Final Fantasy Theatrhythm Final Bar Line producer Ichiro Hazama also vaguely promised that his team is preparing something special as well, saying: “Don’t worry, we have something prepared for you. Our young developer team is working hard. We are working hard to create something new.” , so I hope you don’t mind waiting until I’m ready to share more!”

Finally, the producer of the series Final Fantasy Brave ExivusLooks like Kei Hirono has a few tricks up his sleeve. His message read: “I hope we manage to surprise you all with the games and other things we have planned this year!” said.

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