Final Fantasy 14 x Final Fantasy 16: The crossover between the two games has been revealed, here are the first details

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Among the many new features announced for the Dawntrail expansion Final Fantasy 14 On the occasion of Tokyo Fan Festival, Square Enix also announced the arrival of a new feature. Crossover with Final Fantasy 16It will be available at: early April 2024.

According to the first details shared, players will be able to undertake a special mission titled. “Highway to Hell” this will see them team up with none other than Final Fantasy 16 hero Clive Rosfield.

The Japanese company did not want to give too much information about the nature of this adventure, but it seems that players will have to face it. demonAs a reward, he gets the mount of Clive’s faithful dog, Torgal, and a minion-like puppy. It will also be possible to use some of the Final Fantasy 16 hero’s iconic abilities, such as Rising Phoenix, and unlock his outfit during the mission.

Final Fantasy 16 will get a new expansion in 2024

For now, the transition between the two games seems to be one-way, so it looks like it will only receive Final Fantasy 14-themed content. On the other hand, Final Fantasy 16 players are also waiting rising tideThe second of two planned expansions.

going during springThis new additional content will expand the game with new challenges, abilities, a new environment, and a new story that will focus on the mystery of Leviathan, the mysterious Eikon of water. According to the first information shared by Square Enix, the expansion will offer at least 10 hours of gameplay.

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